France strikes alternative solutions

10-05-2018 17:01

France Strikes: alternative solutions

Faced with severe disruption to train and plane services due to strikes in France and Paris we have to get inventive to find other solutions of transportation. We know that lot of people are afraid about strikes and have to find other modes of transportation. All trains operated by the SNCF are concerned by the strike and some planes operated by Air France.

Alternate solutions of transportation

IF you need to catch a flight or a train, It’s important to put a Plan B in place. Indeed there is several cancellations for every day. Cab for paris is a private company wich offer alternates routes arround Paris and France for air and trains passengers. If your long-distance train or plane is cancelled you can book your trip on our website.The reality is that Cab For Paris offer another option to the train and plane, confortable and stress free. You can hire a chauffeured car simply and for cheap.

All our routes and rides with drivers :

Paris to Lyon

Paris to Bayeux

Paris to Nice

Paris to Aix en provence

Paris to Le Havre

Paris to Amiens

Paris to Chantilly

Paris to Perpignan

Paris to Honfleur

Paris to Le mont Saint-Michel

Paris to Bruxelles

Paris to Geneva

Paris to Liège

Paris to Bracelona

Paris to Giverny

Paris to Caen

Paris to Normandy

Paris to Rouen

Paris to Chartres

Paris to Toulouse

Travel Paris to Bern

Travel Paris to Bayeux


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